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  • Published: 21 November 2023
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Save up to £1300 on our exclusive Winter Wheel Offers at Park Lane.

Orders will come with complimentary home delivery or complimentary fitting and wheel alignment check at our Battersea or Park Royal Service Centre.


When the temperature drops, summer tyres can no longer perform at their best. The rubber compounds get hard, which leads to a reduction of adhesion and handling. Our winter tyres are built to withstand the cold, and designed with special rubber compounds that maintain a strong grip and guarantee a shorter braking distance. They also come with more tread depth and a special lamellar structure, which means a shorter braking distance and overall improved safety.

All genuine BMW Tyres and Wheels are individually developed for the physique and physics of your specific BMW model, meaning they have been tailor made to match your cars driving dynamics during tough weather conditions, and are perfectly attuned to suspension components and adaptive systems for maximum grip and performance throughout the Winter.

All genuine BMW Tyres and Wheels come with star marking, which means they were specifically made for a BMW and it was made with the highest BMW standards. We closely collaborate with selected premium tyre manufacturers, including: Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear and Pirelli, to design and comprehensively test our tyres. Whilst the EU tyre label demands compliance with three criteria, our tyres undergo up to 50 different quality criteria tests, and with star marking they ensure a particularly longer life, top safety ratings and state-of-the-art run-flat technology.


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RRP  £2640                                                                     New Price £1999

RRP £2640                                                                        New Price £1999

RRP Price £2040                                                              New Price £1599

RRP £2120.02                                                                 New Price £1599



RRP  £1968                                                                     New Price £1499

RRP £2640                                                                    New Price £1999

RRP £2520                                                                    New Price £1899

RRP £2440.03                                                               New Price £1899

RRP £2680.03                                                              New Price £1999

RRP £2400                                                                        New Price £1849

RRP £2400                                                                       New Price £1849

RRP £2680.03                                                                  New Price £1999

RRP £3820.03                                                                New Price £2899

RRP £5150.02                                                                New Price £3799

RRP £4,500.02                                                               New Price £3399



RRP £2840.02                                                                New Price £2199

RRP £1728                                                                     New Price £1399

RRP £2240.02                                                                 New Price £1699

RRP £3900.02                                                                New Price £2899

RRP £2600.02                                                                New Price £1999

RRP £3180                                                                      New Price £2399

RRP £4200                                                                     New Price £3199

RRP £4700.02                                                                New Price £3499

RRP £5100                                                                       New Price £3799

RRP £4000.03                                                                 New Price £2999

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